above all. without whom there would be no site.’ ‘But for me, above all else, it was his Schubert which was truly miraculous.’ [emphasis] Above all, chairs should be comfortable. Examples of above all in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Shough and Purdy are friends first, contemporaries, rivals to a point and above all, competitors. Are you serious— I'm all thumbs! adverb most importantly. Origin. above all, above any other, above all others adv adverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down." 6 A faintly comic figure, he fears ridicule, 7 His pithy advice to young painters was, ", 26 He is someone who prizes truth and decency, 29 Our goods compete in terms of product quality, reliability and, 30 With these very large passenger payloads one question looms, 2 Our goods compete in terms of product quality, reliability and, 3 A faintly comic figure, he fears ridicule, 4 His pithy advice to young painters was, ", 6 The anthropology of the future will not be concerned. 3 The tall building towered above all the others. Character Above All: Ten Presidents From FDR to George Bush. How to use above in a sentence. They want, above all things to live in peace. get above yourself phrase. above all meaning: most importantly: . Daniel Pearl was above all a human being and an American. in general. Above all – Above all, this forest is designed for wear and tear. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Above All Gutters Systems Inc. Launches New Fleet to Service Vancouver, Surrey Delta, North Van, West Van, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, New West, Langley Abbotsford, SOFTWARE ENABLES RAPID ASSEMBLY OF COMPOSITE APPLICATIONS. a) A noun b) An adverb c) A determiner d) A & B e) B & C. 3. Aboveboard definition is - in a straightforward manner : openly. This is the plane that takes us above all known threats. ... above all idiom. And above all," thought Prince Andrew, "one believes in him because he's Russian, despite the novel by Genlis and the French proverbs, and because his voice shook when he said: 'What they have brought us to!' 5 He was above all a good and tireless writer. I know you love playing soccer, but you need to focus on your schoolwork above all. How to use aboveboard in a sentence. An Addition transition word will give additional information in a sentence, deepening the meaning that is taken from it. Over and above all other factors or considerations: * Find more on Dazzler and The Heart Is Deceitful. above all definition: most importantly: . Louise veut devenir infirmière par-dessus tout. phrase. If it is placed at the beginning we need to use a comma after the clause. Which of the following can be added to an adjective to create an adjective phrase? Sab Se Barh Kar سَب سے بڑھ کر Above All in Sentence Also: Litmus test. A quantity phrase with which is placed at the front of the modifying clause and then the clause is placed directly after the noun it modifies. George Fair was, above all, a gentleman with a pleasant and agreeable nature. This does not have to be an a The birds were sitting above on the power lines. " — Above all else, get to sleep early tonight so y… phrase. Above all, he'll be remembered for his kindness and interest in staff at every level in the organization. above board. It was used "The Great Bible" in 1539 with that meaning. especially, chiefly, most of all, principally, best of all. Grammatical theories all use in one form or another the concept of canonical position of a phrase. 6 A faintly comic figure, he fears ridicule above all else. largely. ‘Although / though / even though / in spite of the fact that the pupils had not studied, they all passed their exams’. Finally, "attributed by" is not the correct idiom for this sentence. Also see first and last. More than anything else, as in A winter hike calls for good equipment, but above all it requires careful planning. You say above all to indicate that the thing you are mentioning is the most important point. The Communists were right : He is an apparatchik above all. use "above all" in a sentence He is above all meanness. Don’t spend too much, don’t forget to write, but above all, have a good time! Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: adv. Above all, Louise wants to become a nurse. above par. — My mission in life is to be kind and truthful above all else. It's difficult to see above all in a sentence . Disneyland, all of which belongs to the Disney Company, is located in Anaheim. in the first place. above par. This phrase first appears in William Langland's Piers Ploughman (1377), in which the narrator exhorts readers to love the Lord God above all. The above list of example sentences with above. above-the-fold adjective. — oregonlive, "Oregon’s Tyler Shough, … (A) This choice is incorrect as it repeats the original sentence. Used as an idiom since the 1900s. in the main. be a cut above phrase. The sentence should use the present perfect "has been the subject," since the speculation began in the past and continues to the present. essentially. These documents look above board to me, Tom—go … He likes swimming above all. above all phrase. ... above all idiom. You say above all to indicate that the thing you are mentioning is the most important point. Learn more. above-the-line adjective. We've all heard the phrase "carpe diem" a million times, but we'll do you one better: "Carpe vinum." I expected that big company to try to take advantage of us, but so far all of their dealings with us have been above board. Meaning of Acid Test Idiom An acid test, when used as an idiom, is a situation or event that provides definitive proof of whether something is true or false, right or wrong, good or bad, effective or ineffective. Synonyms: most of all, chiefly, mainly, especially More Synonyms of above all. DEFINITIONS 1. This phrase was originally coined to allude to the omnipresent and all pervasive nature of the Christian God. They can be placed at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence. Man is above all things the talking animal. All animals are great, but, above all, I love dogs. (1 b) Bill John will see. ... English idiom "Above the salt" English idiom "Keep your head above water" English idiom "Keep head above water" English idiom "A tooth broken off just above the gum" "Above all, it … 1. used for referring to something that is more important than any of the other things you could mention. above the fold. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Example sentences: " The kite was flying above. " potissumum adverb. Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help the comprehension of these common idiomatic expressions with 'as ... as'. above all. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Her grades are above average. " above board adjective. See also: above, all. rise above phrasal verb. 1 Health and strength is above all gold. There are a lot amount of … ‘The Union is about that above all else and we Scots shouldn't forget it - because the English are beginning to remember.’ ‘So, keep reading, keep writing, but above all else, just have a great time!’ ‘But, above all else, this was a celebration of Manchester's ability to party.’ Social services departments must accept, above all, the role of the parents. 1. above and beyond all other consideration 2. taking everything together. over and above phrase. d) All of the above e) None of the above. 2. Legitimate, honest, or legal. Addition Transition Words. The books are located on a shelf high above. " This is the British English definition of above all. But to educated people, embracing the reality principle means, above all, following the spirit of science. we say that Bill occupies its canonical position in (la) but not in (lb). — Above all, remember to bring your medicine, you can buy anything else you forget while you're on the trip. It should be "attributed to." idiom: all thumbs clumsy or awkward in doing or using something. — Each opponent has strengths and weaknesses but I focus on my own game above all. Disneyland, some of which is crowded with people, is a favorite tourist site. ‘But, above all else, this was a celebration of Manchester's ability to party.’ ‘But above all else, I must thank my producers at the Big Blog Company. Learn more. above your station phrase. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. For examples: cats and dog, a black sheep, Above All. The more recent usage of the term, meaning "everything considered", began in the early 19th century. above and beyond sth idiom. and had a sob in it when he said he would 'make them eat horseflesh!'" James Allen once said, "Above all, be of single aim, have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it." above my paygrade phrase. — My husband dropped my mother's fine crystal glass as she handed it to him, proving once again that he's all thumbs. especially. — He loves to drink milk above all else, even more than juice or soda. — Do I play the piano or guitar? Urdu meaning of Above All is سب سے بڑھ کر, it can be written as Sab Se Barh Kar in Roman Urdu. Example sentences — I’m all thumbs with arts and crafts but my daughter is great at it. mainly. [emphasis] Above all, chairs should be comfortable. imprimis, especially, chiefly, particularly, in the first place.