Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode. For Dynasty Warriors 7 on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 13 guides and walkthroughs. Go from a common free officer to Emperor and view one of the game's endings. You'll now have the option to raise a banner and become a ruler. Peach Garden Oath Mandate of Heaven Be careful, as this will put you into a tough battle for a low level officer (unless you're on Beginner difficulty). Now choose the Rest option repeatedly (it can take anywhere from 7 to 25 times in a row, be patient) and you will get a cutscene where you go fishing, and the trophy. A Nation of Iron By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. This carries across playthroughs, but if you want to grind it out early, use the Generations of Chaos scenario to start as a ruler. Defeated 3,000 or more enemies in a single battle. 43.65%. The trophy will unlock immediately after buying the last one. As a ruler, or as a subordinate when you accept any such tasks during the January/July meetings, you will have the option to negotiate a treaty with another kingdom for various things - joint attacks, forcing them to swear fealty, donate troops, etc. After your Affluent playthrough (if done as recommended): Evil - You'll want to do this one after your Wise playthrough for simplicity. Assiduous Cultivation Saint This could be rather hard normally, but with the flute/fan trick from DW7 still in this game, it's actually very easy instead. As a ruler with Affluent fame at 7 or higher, you'll have access to the Imperial Seal Special. Tyrant To grind this one, be a ruler and just spam treaties to neighboring kingdoms. The map is colored depending on who controls each area - dark blue (entirely yours), light blue, gray (neutral), light red, dark red (entirely the enemy's). Through this method, it's possible to play Story Mode with two players. This will also unlock The Power to Lead. Dynasty Warriors: 7 Empires trophy guide, roadmap, and trophy information. They are unlocked based on your current fame levels - each fame type has a specific set of stratagems. The producer pushed for adding the 3D feature for this game since the beginning of the game's development phase. Take care of the miscellaneous trophies. Edit; ... Dynasty Warriors: 7 Empires is a video game. Completed the stories of Wei, Wu and Shu. Most of them will unlock during the process depending on how you go about your runs. If the 3D experience is too awkward, the players can always switch it off and play the game normally on their TV. This way you have access to all of the stratagems of each fame type up to level 9, so you can quickly use them all again if needed. Your goal is to finish a level with allied casualties at 10% or less. However, this is very rare on its own, so here's the easy way to do it. View the ending for the "Kind" Fame Type. There are also other stratagems that are used during diplomacy meetings (negotiating a treaty or suggesting a different plan of action to your ruler). After you defeat them, they will either run away, or be captured. As a ruler, it's your choice whether to execute/recruit/release them, so choose recruit and you'll have your trophy. As a subordinate with Evil fame at 4 or higher, you will have the Betray Special, which lets you leave your current kingdom and join a new one of your choice. Buy the level 5 thunder flute for your primary weapon and the level 5 wind fan for your secondary weapon. After you save up 10000 bonus points (11000 if you want Red Hare right from the start), start a new scenario on Chaos difficulty and unlock all weapons (7000), items (3000), and optionally, animals (1000). New to DW7 Empires is the fame type, where you can choose how people view your character. Also don't forget the Banquet Special. Ideally, you should make a checklist of them all and check them off after you use a few and save. Correctly answered 5 of the Scholar's quiz questions in a row. When you are Evil fame, people will distrust you, and may sometimes leave. Cleared all of the stages in the game. Steps 1-6: As a subordinate with Brave fame at 4 or higher, you have access to the Rebel Special which lets you rebel against your ruler and take over their lands. Cleared the stage, "Yellow Turban Rebellion." The Empires series of Dynasty Warriors games adds a simulation aspect of the game. When you use the Invest option, one of the territories under your control will turn green, indicating a state of happiness. Use Slander a bunch of times to demote all of the Prefects, Strategists, and Marshals - don't use it on Common officers as it banishes them. Defeated 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle. As a ruler with Kind fame at a high enough level, you'll have access to the Three Visits Special, which will let you instantly recruit any officer from any other kingdom. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Even with this trick, it's still possible to get surrounded and take loads of damage, or get knocked off your horse and juggled, so you may wish to do this when your main fame is Wise or Orderly to have stratagems that can save you. Executions also make a comeback. View the ending for the "Orderly" Fame Type. Completed the Battle of Chibi with one of the forces in Story Mode. During your turns, you can use the 'Interact' option to talk to another person and raise your friendship rating. Cleared the stage, "Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition." Obtain all of the edit parts for your created characters. Try to become a Marshal in this run. Enter enemy territory alone and defeat an enemy officer. The first time you run into one of these officers during an invasion or defensive battle (NOT a skirmish! Does difficulty affect trophies? Welcome to Dynasty Warriors 8, the latest flagship title in the Dynasty Warriors series! Items and the Morale Bar in battle return. Dynasty Warriors 7 Trophy List • 50 Trophies • 46,800 Owners • 33.09% Average View the ending for the "Evil" Fame Type. Made all Dynasty Warriors officers available as sworn allies in Conquest Mode. Find guides to this trophy here. The Remix option has to do with the original Dynasty Warriors 7, if you have it. This must be done during a defensive battle or invasion, not a skirmish. As a free officer with Affluent as your main fame type, invite another officer to join you and create a Vagabond unit. Wise - Start as a subordinate so that you can use the Slander Special. It is available as part of the Playstation Now streaming service. You can have up to 6 different types active at once per kingdom. This will also unlock The Power to Lead. This is likely the hardest trophy in the game because it is entirely luck based. It is possible to be promoted from a Prefect to a Strategist or Marshal, but Strategist and Marshal are equivalent ranks and cannot be promoted/demoted. Unlocked a capital city in Conquest Mode. If not, reload your save and try again. Unite the Three Kingdoms Strategist Appointment Buy all of them during 1 playthrough for the trophy. Win a battle without swinging your weapon even once. Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends trophy guide, roadmap, and trophy information. Participate in a joint training exercise. You will want to have Evil as your main fame, and be a subordinate under a ruler (ideally an Evil ruler, but it may not matter). People usually start at D (they drop to E if they hate you), and you can raise this to an S. It will go up as you go in battles with them, but you can use Interact to speed it up. Yes, I Can This time round, the developers decided to venture beyond the timeline, and included Jin's storyline as part of the gameplay. Obtain the highest "Orderly" Fame Rating.