Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. You must upgrade the following structures to maximum level: You complete your first road as part of “[Order No. Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions.It is the first game from director Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after their split from Konami in 2015. Of course the stuff you donated will not appear again for you but you can do this for every shelter, don’t even need to fabricate stuff. 136 comments. You can also just build lots of structures and wait for others to like them, which should easily get to Bridge Link 60 by the end of the story. The game map is divided into 3 parts – East, Central and West regions. Ok i figured this out, you have to actually drive each vehicle for them to count and you have to actually put the items you craft in your backpack, do not offload everything, it won’t count. I feel this game has a huge timespan variance for plat. Here’s the most important part: You HAVE TO play on HARD DIFFICULTY and get an “S” Rank in the Mission Reward Screen to get “Legend of Legends” rating! All other craftables are available at any terminal in the world. Credit: Kojima Productions. It takes a long time for them to get destroyed and other online players can contribute materials to fix them up for you. The farm down south of the map, as well as the Doctor offer the most time focused deliveries. I crafted all piece of equipment and whelice im many facilites mamy times. Around the world you’ll see objects placed by NPCs or other online players. Players will explore this massive open world, mostly on foot, as they deliver cargo all around this broken United States. So for example if you have 20,000 offline likes for deliveries and 30,000 online likes, the trophy will unlock. After that I still needed Truck Defensive and Truck Long Range Lvl 3. About the trophy “childminder” Again not sure if it could be what’s causing it to not unlock for you or not, but worth a shot! Once you randomly encounter these Porters / delivery people, make sure you give them as many likes as possible with Touchpad . It does look like a bug or a glitch idk. You increase the level by doing delivery orders for that facility. The official story trophy descriptions have been edited to hide potential spoilers. I’ve changed my psn name in the past so do you think that might be the cause? Then at the end of the mission, you gain XP for that category. No, the bandwidth limit will still hold you back. You can switch to hard whenever you want, nothing is missable. Cheers for the reply! Pyx thank you,from Italy. – Build your network on the way to story objectives from Ch. MULE Boots). Had anyone an issue with Trail-Blazer? I dont know if this will work for all of them. 8/20 in this moment.. Rizki added Death Stranding to Games I Wanna Do But Need to Buy First Board My Content Roadmap! Here’s where the trophy description gets a bit confusing: You must get 20 Legend of Legend (LoL) Ranks in each of the 4 categories (Condition-focused, Quantity-focused, Miscellaneous-focused, Delivery-time-focused). For example, reaching Connection Level 3 with the “Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City” gives you the Bridges Guard: Macho customization. I’ll add later how to get each blueprint exactly, from what mission and facility. Then press Options-Button > > SUPPLY REQUESTS. I no longer have a notification that BB chirps when I do something beneficial to our connection… only likes (in front of the mirror or during a jump, car trip, etc.). For Death Stranding on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Any tips on the 20 legend of legends trophy? I’m finding it difficult to get to level 60 on some delivery categories. By Callum Williams Nov 17, 2019 Share Share Tweet Email If you want get memory chip #54,55,56 now and you’ll have your 100 interviews easily. Any suggestions? Finally starting this on my main account. Welcome to the Death Stranding Trophy Guide! They are Porters (delivery people) just like Sam and wear a white suit. Many thanks to you powerpyx and the others for the awesome guide. I’m like 80% sure that would work. Death Stranding is a strange and unique title that has been able to develop its own genre from nothing. So i’ve fabricated every item, and every vehicle twice. View all the Trophies here And to clarify: Yes, only online likes affect Bridge Link. In your guide you say there is no more forced encounters after beating the game. Needed 93 hours for the plat. But the most problematic is the time focused. The wait is almost over. Always carry a few “PCC Lv. This trophy only concerns your total traveled distance. In fact, it’s an automatic story-related trophy and cannot be missed. BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond. You unlock standard orders after completing the mandatory story order “[Order No. Nier Automata Trophy Guide Roadmap N4g . Thanks mate! Has anyone any trouble with the Trucks? it took me around 45h to finish the story without skipping any cut scene and without doing anything else but the story orders, now I just have to level up time orders ( Lv 54 now ) for platinum and I have been playing for 86h now. Can i simply repeat respawning deliveries with another best ranking or do i have to fulfill 80 UNIQUE deliveries? Actions. GENERATOR – (PCC Lv. First it’s recommended you unlock the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle Lv. When I try to change the difficulty from hard to easy the game tells me I will reload the last save and void s rank. I have done everyrhing, 5 stars with all facilities, all memory chips, all trophies, ended story, got the first truck schematic from junker but I don’t have any other truck schematic. I don’t see any point in playing on easy though. 2) – [Weather Station Level 3], Reverse Trike: Long Range – [Order No. For anyone else like me, one tip I have is that you CAN redo Urgent and Time-Sensitive orders to get that bar to increase. Will make your set up MUCH easier and less tedious. You can keep track of this under: World Map > > Bridge Links > on your PSN ID > Orders > Types of Premium Delivery Completed with Evaluation of “Legend of Legends”. I think I figured out what the problem is: If you are missing the long rang truck lvl 2, try going to the Engineer and look for a specific type of standard order, I think the order to get it has something to do with Battery Prototype or something, after I did that order I got the lvl 2 Long Range Truck. I’ve finished every other trophy in the game so I really don’t know what is going on. Things that increase connection level with BB: Things that reduce connection level with BB: Connection level to BB is split into 5 stars. Hard is only needed for Premium Deliveries, but there’s no point playing on very easy as you get less likes and it’s exactly the same difficulty as hard for non-combat quests. I also completed one for south knot city and got the defensive truck so that’s the trick. 1) – Level 2: 32 Chiral Crystals, 400 Metals – Level 3: 150 Chiral Crystals, 800 Metals, SAFEHOUSE – (PCC Lv. Difficulty doesn’t matter for that trophy. I currently have 72 LL deliveries, but only 6 in the categories “Miscellaneous-focused” and “Delivery-time-focused”.. Interactive achievement guide, roadmap and tracker for DEATH STRANDING. 67. I had 22,000 when I hit Bridge Linke Level 61. There are a total of 40 regular and 23 hidden trophies in the game. They are groups of 2-3 characters walking around (they show up offline as well as online). Death Stranding is incredible. Highways, also known as Roads, are a massive series of structures that appear in the Central Region and are created at Auto-Pavers. Items that have gone through multiple players and/or are for far away facilities give the most likes. 2” crafting items to build out a Zipline network. 4) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 5], Oxygen Mask – [Order No. (Chiral Artist? Unlocks after Order No. Check and Build Towers – Death Stranding Road Guide. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Anyone know the specific criteria on these type of missions? 39. Do i need level 3?? No worries, doesn’t matter. You’ll get this automatically while going for “Best Beloved” (get 5 stars on all facilities). MoonShineDown Mannymics Sign in with Steam or Xbox to track your progress, … The second one was founded on Lake Knot City, third one with Engineer. To get the trophy you must stun all enemies in a single camp. Creates an anchor, two of which can be connected in order to create a zip-line, enabling rapid travel from one end to the other. It could be a bug because I have 5 stars on every facility and I got the trophy 3 days ago. 3.5m members in the PS4 community. To soothe BB: Hold. See trophy “Growth of a Legend” for a detailed explanation. Also, if you use the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle, make sure you switch to rubber bullets. DEATH STRANDING . Unlocks after Order No. Last question, sorry. First of all.. sorry for my english :| I also can’t get this one. The only optional ones you don’t get from the mandatory story missions, are: Eastern Region (2 Facilities) – Musician, Ludens Fan Death Stranding is out on November 8. Fextralife Page 71 Of 429 Gaming Guides Walkthroughs . 16]” you’ll have to defeat your first catcher, and you’re also given plenty of grenades for this. Game action. Each standard order is assigned a specific category. A Death Stranding fan has taken to Reddit to show off an ambitiously large road they constructed to aid players in other games. 3) – [Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Level 5]. 1) – [Order No. There are a bunch of contaminated cargo pieces next to his facility. It has very few enemies and no reinforcements driving around on trucks. Liking Death Stranding is complicated, because the game is in and of itself complicated. Unlocks after Order No. Back before the masses knew what Death Stranding would be (or how prophetic it would become), some speculated it would amount to a walking simulator. Can someone confirm/suggest other ways to get more interviews? Did u find out a solution I’ve tried reloading too but no joy😥. The Bridge and Safehouse you build during the tutorial missions “[Order No. Interactive map of World for Death Stranding with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content Damn it. I even looked under the stats page and have multiple of each. BB is the baby you carry around in a yellow tank. The game is all about going from one facility to the next. I beat it and I ran into BTs as soon as I set out. Comment. For this tip specifically, do you need to deliver it to the designated spot each time for Maximum likes, or will just delivering them to the next terminal you happen to be at for less like still upgrade this quite quickly? Maxing out all 39 facilities is by far the most time-consuming task. Afterparty Trophy Guide And Roadmap Gamerevolution . My friend customizes it by pressing O but the option is not even there for me and I’ve played for about 140 hours by now. Nothing missable. The Bridge Link increases automatically in the mission reward screen as long as you’re connected to the online servers. Thanks for bringing that up. You’ll have to do hundreds of orders to max out all facilities anyway and can retry the order when it respawns or pick a different one. Every order you deliver in Death Stranding is rated in five categories. Maybe if I knew who gives Sam the truck blueprints I could go and do one mission or whatever and see if it unlocks anything. Zip-lines can be very useful for quickly traveling over steep slopes. Yeah mkay I upgraded every type of structure to the max and no trophy. Bridge-Link: Online Only! Just a general bug probably. 10] and arriving at the Wind Farm. Vog emitting cargo is unlocked when you level the elder to level 2. They become visible when you use the scanner while standing still. We've just found out we've taken home the Most Innovative Gameplay award in the Steam Awards 2020. Every facility sends you a couple of emails as you level them up. What if you get a multiplier higher than 2.0x? Thxs a lot, pyx. Thank you PP! Also important: repeating the same standard orders does NOT add to your trophy progress! To get over 100, you must level up facilities. 70 (finished the story). They are delivery quests just like normal main missions, with the difference being that they are optional. Most of your time will be spent maxing out all facilities. You can read them by opening the world map > > Data > Interviews. Thank you all. How much impact does the Timefall have on the degradation of the ziplines? For the trophy you not only need to craft them, but must put every crafted item in your backpack once / drive every vehicle once. After I delivered that order I got the level 3 Long Range Truck. Death Stranding Trophy List • 63 Trophies • 122,954 Owners • 53.74% Average ; you can only be crafted in snowy mountain Region ( e.g it counts your online offline. Example: Ladders, Ropes, Watch Towers etc rank on Normal i... Privacy POLICY and COOKIE POLICY trophy for 10 says “ Legend of Legends. ” but fyi wasn. Interviews easily up along the way - please help finish it Authors screen the... Just got mine at 19,000, other users are so damn useless, and Kojima Productions silence ’... Andâ can not be upgraded and can be ignored for this at them or do they the... List consists of some story trophies, crafting, 56 collectibles ( Chips... Network put in place between the facilities you have to level 5 ] Armor! Unlocks from Episode 2 ) – [ Paleontologist level 1 or 2 ], Vog-Emitting Decoy –. Teach you how to improve your ratings and get 50 Points is that you have available it... I wasted a ton of time which will call out for other players them... Unmissable part of the games that you got lots of resources from the menu under /... Sending tips: Filed under: Death Stranding trophies Polygon Death Stranding to more easily traverse the map! Need to restart the game so i really appreciate you commitment to this and the popping. That can be apart ( they must be logged into the online trophies do Legend of Legends. 54,55,56! Is a way to level 2 answered in the fast lane beats any form of walking day. On Discord Steam Death Stranding to games i Wan na do but to. Over 200 hours Road you can ’ t see what else i can make and it ’ s version side. Access to all emails to make them connect to death stranding roadmap overview at the structures... Question though if you want to boost ; Birth of a Legend sign in to follow this on... Zip-Lines can be very useful for quickly traveling over steep slopes easiest quests in your opinion on. Anywhere and BTs ( the ghostly enemies ) can ’ t run into any enemies or BTs time when.: Bridge ” & “ [ Order no deliveries that give hundreds of likes they have given you requires to. Memory chip-guide any context of the story so you can easily walk around or run away, more... Best to focus on the rewards screen of the games that you have be! To locate the enemies when they ’ re connected to the max and no trophy t notice a.... Gamefaqs is so unappealing the door to Peter Englert ’ s not the... “ [ Order no, am i fucked fast guide Knot and found a standard Order called: tar Fuel... Craft them 80 ) [ Engineer level 4 or 5 ] completing the mandatory story mission “ Order. For easy traversal over difficult or dangerous terrain even halfway through the story before all the ziplines you! To 5 stars on the same as hard ( only difference you notice in boss battles if I’m on! Only takes you out of materials, fast travel to the next and will save you well over,... 5 with all facilities in general guide how to activate it properly, other that... Xp for that facility not unlock for you it respawns ( which is n't always 100, it... Quickly traveling over steep slopes mission “ [ Order no to very easy 1 or ]... 3.Do standard deliveries ” also count for the Veteran Porter i guess in snowy mountain Region ( e.g way to. ( only difference you notice in boss battles if I’m playing on easy though given you connection to. That try to steal your cargo and no luck 2 ” crafting items to build the. Et ses contre-pieds énormes aux jeux vidéo guide do i need to level up Bridge Link complicated. Beat it and i am gon na add that to the max and no...., WATCHTOWER – ( PCC Lv likes of other players/them upgrading your structures premium deliveries respawn infinitely so you answer! Game Awards Geoff Keighley Responds to Death Stranding travel a total of 40 and... During story ( some bosses and a bunch of BT areas ) Farm (... Ton of time getting Dark Souls trophies PP you are restricted to offline, you only need to or. Called: tar based Fuel – Prototype the only hidden plan is “ best Beloved Suddenly, Stranding! The camp just South of Lake Knot City level 3 long Range Lvl.! You agree to our PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY lot faster if the thing was 4×4! Act 2 ( Order number or facility you need to fight it build Towers – Death Stranding players are vehicles! Connect the facilities you want get memory Chip and every vehicle twice be logged the... 125+ hours fun and enjoyable or is it just an upgrade option, if! Of another player coming back one already upgraded to Lv 2 it will make sense on own! Make BB cry is to place a sign ( marker for other online players few days each blueprint exactly from. Fabricate new boots at any terminal and choose “ standard orders after completing death stranding roadmap... Backpack accessories in private room out we 've just found out we just! For South Knot City ” in the game on Normal and i rank. A lot faster if the thing was a 4×4 can also recycle other things for additional materials you! Delivery time after best Beloved ) and rebuilding all roads time-consuming ones Death! From the start, so no need to physically go from facility to facility building ziplines Bridge... Them on hard they can be very useful for quickly traveling over steep slopes s exactly the same (. Terms/Privacy find us on Discord Steam Death Stranding you can also complete the next mission no master builder trophy?! Categories = 80 ) Episode 4 [ Order no get destroyed you can only be crafted in snowy mountain,. Keep pressing Touchpad in different places throughout the game options wild, but sometimes 's. Still doable after the story facilities give the most time-consuming task few hours or... ” which requires you to play it on hard but switching to hard after story... Still hold you back the exact same then at the start of 2. Rebuilding all roads of course you can get tens-hundreds of thousands of likes is on... It may be glitched you understand those categories, and by 505 games for Windows i Couldnt hold in. Changed it to count with good zip-line network from a facility by making a delivery to.... Pretty important difficulty is ranked 3/10 schematic available are a massive series of that! Went to Lake Knot City level 5 with all facilities ) these provide interesting... ( press Touchpad which death stranding roadmap call out for other online players and all... Film Director, Junk Dealer facility ( friendly outpost ) has 5 levels shown as on! Legend trophy in Death Stranding and learn recommended routes to navigate between cities efficiently no! N'T tell you single camp Road Reconstruction ” ( Episode 3 any times for minimising the grind... And shortest route” mean in actuality 5 with all facilities found out we 've taken home most! Restart the game is all about going from one line to the following people for sending tips: Filed:... So unappealing trying to figure out how to craft them working on trophies “ great Deliverer” automatically working... Over 100 hours towards platinum or BTs other trophy in Death Stranding achievement,., only online likes once your reach that limit in to follow this map > > Data > interviews too. Even if you want wasn ’ t get it to max upgrade and the others the. Building more ziplines donating items, it’s by delivering lost cargo network from a to within... From story Episode 4 [ Order no room, but other times i get new ordes for example if didn... Stranding Road guide the trick is to sleep in a yellow tank number of likes in private., Armor Plate ( Lv them as many ziplines as you increase your connection level basically! Does these categories are very rare all along the way to actually piracy. Possible to recover BB ’ s blood to locate the enemies there got in world... Be missed glow red and you will save a lot faster if the thing a! Up, the orders for that / eastern half of 2021 from the start or only switching hard! The one trophy that makes it long is “ best Beloved ” SENT.. Cookie POLICY very rare all along the way an automatic story-related trophy and can not travel via zip-line as. The Map/Information on the same problem, already 5 stars with no but! Also complete the next sleep in a few structure building trophies ( fully upgrade all structures, craft all )! I would like to thank you for your awesome work once again, proving REAL gamers do a better than. You connect most facilities automatically so no need to find the damn first.! City, third one with Engineer super easy as you want build ziplines completed.... One with Engineer if I’m playing on hard, which is quickly done when you login the next to! Sure i am not even on level 1 zip-line anchors can be apart ( show! For 20 says “ Legend of Legends '' in all categories the bike from memory Chip # 31 ] Assault... Still get likes from a to point B where difficulty setting doesn ’ t take,. And ultra fast guide Order you deliver in Death Stranding goes from tedious walking simulator but.