Michael Overall: People might laugh, but other cities are starting to copy Tulsa's $10,000 offer to live here. Unlike Tulsa’s get paid to move program, Vermont isn’t giving out this grant in cash, but rather offering it to cover your individual expenses. "We've seen applications over the last six months increase up to threefold," says Ben Stewart, interim director of Tulsa Remote, a program that offers $10,000 to successful applicants who are willing to relocate to Tulsa. by Lucas. This American city will give you $10000 to move here. This Oklahoma city is paying people $10K to move there By Vanita Salisbury. Tulsa is aiming to attract people by offering those who work remotely and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move there. Well, you’ll be paid $10000 (INR 710075) if you relocate to Tulsa in Oklahoma. Earlier this year, Vermont began offering $10,000 in tax credits for people who move there, reports Market Watch . Axios - Cities like Tulsa, Topeka and Savannah are paying (certain) people to move there, a way to diversity their communities and attract smart and … Tulsa offering $10,000 for people to move … Selected finalists will then move on to a video interview. And nobody, including Kaiser himself, really knew what. If they agree to stay for at least one year, the workers will receive cash that includes rent subsidies and stipends. ... Tulsa Remote attracted 10,000 applicants and selected 100 participants for the first year of the program. $10,000 is a significant chunk of money. Photo: Jumping Rocks/Universal Images Group via Getty Images If you're going to be working remotely for the foreseeable future and want to save some money on rent, you could move to Tulsa — and get paid $10,000 to do so. 20 Comments. They're making friends, exploring the community and can afford to live and do what they love. Tulsa Remote is an incentive program offering $10,000 to out-of-state remote workers who move to Oklahoma. Tulsa Remote is offering remote workers a $10,000 grant to move to the Oklahoma city for a year. While a move may not work for everyone, after three months in Tulsa, Williams said he knows he and Saunders made the right choice. Tulsa, the beautiful Oklahoma city in the US is looking for residents for a year. The George Kaiser Family Foundation announced in November 2018 that it would pay people just to stay in Tulsa for one year. If you work remotely and become a Vermont resident, you could receive up to $10,000 to cover costs. "The cost of living is nice. The City of Tulsa and George Kaiser Family Foundation are offering a US$10,000 grant – and other benefits – to eligible applicants to move and work remotely from the Oklahoman city for a year. The city is beautiful. Work at home and need a change of scenery? The money will help cover moving expenses and will serve as a monthly stipend. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is offering up to $10,000 for up to 250 qualified remote workers to relocate there. Would you move to Tulsa for $10,000? The program wants to attract "talented and energetic people" to Tulsa who care about making a … What's happening: It all started in 2018 with Tulsa Remote, a project sponsored by the George Kaiser Foundation, which offers $10,000 and free desk space to qualified people who move from out-of-state and stay at least a year. The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wants to Pay You $10,000 to Move There The Midwestern hub also offers a very low cost of living and an impressive parks system The grants will be given out over the course of a year, to remote workers or entrepreneurs who currently live outside Tulsa County. The foundation this week announced the launch of Tulsa Remote, which offers $10,000 grants and additional benefits to eligible applicants who move to and work remotely from Tulsa for a Through the Tulsa Remote work program, which is spearheaded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and aims to make Tulsa a more vibrant and attractive city, I was offered $10,000 plus other incentives to live there for one year. Moving to Tulsa could net you some extra cash. Tulsa, Oklahoma will pay you $10,000 to move there ©Shutterstock If you’ve checked out the digital nomad lifestyle online, you may imagine that young remote workers are escaping to Europe, or constantly hanging out in o n the beach in Bali.But perhaps US$10,000 might convince them to settle down for a bit in an unlikely spot: Tulsa, Oklahoma. You're going to love it here." If you’ve been considering relocating, you might want to consider Tulsa. Tulsa is far from the only place trying to entice newcomers with cash offers. The website pitch: "Hi remote workers!We'll pay you to work from Tulsa. The program, started by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, is paying people $10,000 to move to Tulsa, Okla., to work remotely, and a surge of applicants are now coming from the Bay Area. "I miss surfing, but there is so much to do outside here," he said. But is it enough to convince you to pick up and move to an entirely different part of the country? Check out these spots across the U.S. that will pay you to move there. A new program will pay remote workers $10,000 to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a year. Tulsa Remote is a new program that hopes to attract driven and smart individuals to commit to working remotely in Tulsa for one year by offering $10,000 to accepted candidates. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/would-you- Would you move to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for $10,000?The George Kaiser Family Foundation is paying people to move to Tulsa. Share to Facebook Tulsa, Oklahoma, at sunrise. The initiative in Tulsa is the latest effort to persuade people to move … The "Tulsa Remote" program pays full-time remote workers $10,000 to move to Oklahoma for 1 year in an effort for the city to attract a diverse and talented workforce In addition to that cash, those workers would receive a one-year membership at a co-working space . In America’s heartland, some cities and regions are offering people $10,000 to move into town. November 14, 2018. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is looking for remote professionals to take up residency in the city — and it will even pay you to do so. A new program called Tulsa Remote is offering $10,000 to remote workers willing to move … Tulsa is aiming to attract people by offering those who work remotely and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move there. And Tulsa, Okla., has recently seen a dramatic increase in interest in an initiative it launched two years ago. The Oklahoma city is looking to recruit more residents and will pay you $10,000 to live there for a year. In November the community launched Tulsa Remote, a program that offers $10,000 to applicants who move to and work remotely from Tulsa. If so, Tulsa Remote will pay you $10,000 to move to Oklahoma. According to the Tulsa Remote official website, the city will accommodate 250 remote workers who are ready to move within the next six months, are full-time remote employed or self-employed outside of Oklahoma, are above 18 years of age, and are eligible to work in the US. A family foundation in Tulsa is offering this grand opportunity to 250 people if they decide to move to Oklahoma. Tulsa is hoping that's the case. Here’s the story behind our 2,000-mile move and the details on how it’s going five months in. Unless you are one of our commenters from Tulsa who likes to butt in and remind us that they live in the superior city in Oklahoma, there’s something about that town that rubs us wrong. The idea is that by offering this sum, these towns can attract dynamic workers who can bring back some energy and vitality after years of declining populations. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is aiming to attract people by offering those who work remotely and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move there.