Government decisions about appointment or dissolution of the governors must be approved by the President. The government headed by Simon Vratsyan had a short life (8 days). [6], Honorary member of the Pan-Armenian Academic and Scientific Society,Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. For matters concerning the constitutional validity, the Constitutional Court has jurisdiction. Western Armenia was permanently separated from Eastern Armenia by the Zuhab Treaty of 1639, and it became the Ottoman Armenia. What Were the Main Causes of World War II? The people shall exercise their power through free elections, referenda, as well as through state and local self-government bodies and officials provided for by the Constitution. He was chosen by the National Council of Armenia. Hamazasp Ohanjyan, the third prime minister, and Avetis Aharonian left for Berlin trying to reassure the tense relations between Turkey and Armenia. The United States is committed to helping Armenia strengthen democratic institutions and foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth. In 2015, however, the citizens of the country voted to approve a referendum that made the country a parliamentary republic. Prime Minister had direct involvement in regional and international issues. It issued within the limits of the jurisdiction of their respective People's Commissariats, orders and instructions. The Government of Armenia decided to open its ground borders for foreigners, who previously were barred from entering due to the coronavirus infection, Armenian Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday. The Government may put forward a motion on confidence in the Government in conjunction with the adoption of a draft law proposed by the Government. The outcomes of the local referenda shall be attached to the legislative initiative. He was able to bring back three hundred thousand bags of flour, canned products and a lot of crops. Professor, RA NAS Corresponding Member, Doctor of Economics. The Armenian church, with its rich theological history, is intertwined with Armenian identity, steeped within the culture of its people. Foreign policy. 1 The average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from other figures. Microelectronic, light and food industry developed rapidly during the tenure of Grigor Arzumanyan. The governmental structure of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic was similar to that of the other Soviet republics. Sergey Arakelyan (alternately is the Director of the Law Library of the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law, Yerevan (Armenia). The communities may be merged or separated irrespective of the outcomes of the local referenda. The Council consisted of the following positions: The Council issued orders and decisions and supervised their execution. Professor, Doctor of Law, President of the Center of Constitutional Law of Armenia, Coordinator of Emerging Democracy Constitutional Court Conference, Member of the International Academy of Information, International Constitutional Law Association Board Member,“Constitutional Justice” international bulletin's editorial board chairman, Member of Yerevan State University Law Department's Scientific Board, author of over 200 research works. [4], Based on Article 88.1 Regional governors are appointed and dismissed by decisions of Government and they are validated by the President. Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal. This article takes a closer look at each one. In addition, decisions passed by the Government must be signed by the Prime Minister. Awarded Battle Cross,Tigran the Great and Golden Eagle orders and other State Awards. Current government officials. It has the right to determine the sequence of the debate for its proposed draft legislation and can demand that they be voted only with amendments acceptable to it. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke on Friday over the phone with France's President Emmanuel Macron about the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, the government in Yerevan said. 7) ensure maintenance of law and order, take measures to strengthen the legal order and ensure rights and freedoms of the citizens; The genocide was carried out during and after World War Iand implemented in two phases—the wholesale kil… During 1919–1920 the government had problems with a favorable state loans creation, giving state assistance to working-class people, encouraging the entrance of private capital, use productive taxation mechanisms. Awarded the Order of "Mesrop Mashtots" for services to the Republic of Artsakh. However, most weren't merely removed. The Republican Commissariats again directed branches that were entrusted to them but were subordinate only to Council of People's Commissars of the Union Republic. The Government has a right of legislative initiative. Aghasi Sargsyan's tenure was the most difficult one, as he was a prime minister/chairman during the World War II, but he was able to overcome that and move the country from that situation. Awarded First Grade medal "For Services Contributed to the Motherland." If the National Assembly does not express no confidence in the Government then the state budget as well as the amendments approved by the Government shall be considered adopted. The judicial branch is responsible for administering justice in this country. He also was Zangezur cooper mines heas till 1928. In ad… Armenian government submitted facts to ECHR on targeting civilians in Stepanakert and Martakert Following the request of the European Court of Human Rights on September 29, as well as in addition to the previous information submitted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia to the European Court, today the RA Government sent additional information on the latest developments. The role of the Prime Minister is that it should supervise the Government activities, coordinate the work of the Ministers and it should adopt decisions on the organization of Government activities. The government wanted to create a peaceful combination with neighbor countries and remove the country from the “whirlpool”. Was decorated with V. Sargsyan and G. Nezhdeh medals of RA Ministry of Defense, V. Sargsyan order of the NEVU, Aram Manukian Medal of RA Police, F. Nansen Medal of Fridjof Nansen Foundation. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Armenia Government 2020 information contained here. Tamanyan who was banished from Armenia returned during his tenure. What Type Of Government Does Switzerland Have? The Red emblematizes the Armenian Highland, the Armenian people's continued struggle for survival, maintenance of … All the ministers, including the prime minister, must be citizens of the Republic of Armenia. In 1923 he began the construction of hydro power plants, he built Hrazdan river hydro power plant, but the construction was ended the time when he was no longer the prime minister. Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations. In addition, a ministry of interior was created, whose first head was Aram Manukian. [1], Following the Article 55 of Armenian Constitution, the Republic's President must accept resignation of the government on the day of. The Court of Cassation serves as the highest court of appeals and ensures that the law is carried out justly across the country. Armenian government plans to launch new projects for assisting Artsakh people STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 5, ARTSAKHPPRESS: Issues relating to solving the social problems of the residents of Artsakh who remained without shelters due to the recent war and have temporarily settled in Armenia were discussed during the meeting. The national flag of the Republic of Armenia is of three colors in stripes of the same width - red, blue, orange respectively from top to bottom. In Armenia, anti-government demonstrations, fueled by opposition forces, began in Armenia on the evening the agreement was signed. Acting prime minister after resignation on 16 October 2018. Aram Piruzyan's tenure was at the beginning of World War II and he was responsible for organizing the production of military products in factories. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 As it is defined in the Article 89 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia the Government shall: 1) submit its program to the National Assembly for approval in accordance with Article 74 of the Constitution; It is formally led by the President and the Prime Minister - however, the Prime Minister holds more power and is considered as the Head of Government. Armenia is still headed by both a President and a Prime Minister, only the President now acts as more of a figurehead for the country. The prime minister was sent to Europe and USA to find a solution of that problem. The first prime minister of the First Republic of Armenia was Hovhannes Qajaznani/Igitghanyan. Executive branch: chief of state: President Robert KOCHARIAN (since 30 March 1998) head of government: Prime Minister Andranik MARKARYAN (since 12 May 2000) cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the prime minister. According to article 85 of the Armenian constitution, the Government shall develop and implement the domestic policy and it should implement foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia jointly with the President of the Republic of Armenia. Religion: Armenian Apostolic 92.6%, Evangelical 1%, other 2.4%, none 1.1%, unspecified 2.9% (2011 est.) The government of the Republic was headed by Prime Minister. The Government of the Republic of Armenia (Armenian: Հայաստանի Հանրապետության Կառավարություն) or the executive branch of the Armenian government is an executive council of government ministers in Armenia. It is formally led by the President and the Prime Minister - however, the Prime Minister holds more power and is considered as the Head of Government. The ministry of interior was responsible for domestic problems. He was responsible of eliminating the results of destructions. On 24 April 1915, Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported 235 to 270 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders from Constantinople to the region of Ankara, where the majority of which were murdered. Ministers must be appointed within 20 days after Prime Minister is appointed. Another Stalin's violence victim was Sahak Ter-Bagrielyan. The Government may put forward a motion of its confidence in conjunction with the adoption of the state budget. National Holiday: Independence Day, September 21 Unfortunately none of them succeeded to accomplish his goal. The president has the right to suspend Governmental decisions for one month for checking the compliance of decisions with the constitution. National Hero of Artsakh, national hero of Armenia, holder of Golden Eagle Prose writer, member of former SU Writers’ Union, author of articles and books Holder of Armenian Komsomol's Lenin award in literature. 3) manage the state property; Armenia government, capital, and more. The President acts as the Head of State and is Commander-in-Chief of the military. Regarding state budget, The Government shall submit the draft of the state budget to the National Assembly at least ninety days prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. Before submitting the legislative initiative the Government shall appoint local referenda in those communities. Prime minister was accountable for international, domestic and regional issues. The Council was responsible and accountable to Supreme Soviet of the Union Republic but between the sessions of the Union Republics Supreme Soviet, the Council was responsible and accountable to the Presidium of the same Supreme Soviet.